The Poker Cheat Marked Deck

poker cheat marked deck

Card marking is a popular method of cheating in poker. It gives the cheating player an advantage over the rest of the players at the table.

Cheating decks can be marked with a variety of methods, including invisible ink and barcode. However, most of these methods are not effective in a casino or online poker room due to the high levels of surveillance and security.

Invisible ink

Invisible ink is a type of card marking that’s used for a variety of reasons. It’s also a great way to send secret messages without being detected.

It’s a common way for people to communicate with an enemy or a prisoner. Invisible ink can be made from many different chemicals, including lemon juice and wine or vinegar.

You can use invisible ink to write a message on paper or a piece of cardboard. However, it’s important to choose an ink that’s safe for use.

An ideal ink needs to be non-reactive with iodine and has as few potential developers as possible. It should also be able to be easily diluted so that it can be widely used. It should also not have a pronounced smell.


The poker cheat marked deck is one of the most advanced cheating devices that can be used in any poker game. It uses a special deck that is marked with IR-absorbing ink on the four edges of each card.

When illuminated by an IR LED, the markings absorb the light and produce a sequence of black spots, which are read remotely by the cheating device. The analyzer then reports the suit and value of each card to the players.

A back marked deck is another type of poker cheating cards that can be used with a variety of poker cheating devices. This kind of cheating deck is very easy to use and can be used alone by one person.

This kind of cheating deck can be seen with infrared contact lenses and sunglasses, or a poker camera lens with a screen to check the markings. Using these poker detecting devices is easy and convenient, and will help you avoid suspicion from other players.


Block-out is a popular poker cheating trick that involves coloring some small white areas on the back of a card. This technique is actually quite complicated, requiring a skilled hand to achieve the best results and it can take some time to get the right color combinations.

There are several methods to mark a deck of cards in a non-destructive manner, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. In the end, a cheater will have to decide which technique is the most appropriate for his or her situation and needs.

Although a marked deck does not guarantee success, it may allow the unscrupulous to increase their winnings by as much as 50%! Typically, a marked deck will consist of a number of unique, randomly placed, and sometimes even duplicated markings that can be read remotely by a sophisticated device to infer a particular card’s suit and value. This type of cheating can be used in all varieties of poker, from high-stakes tables to home games with a low stake limit.


Aviator is a type of marked deck used for cheating in poker games. Originally introduced in 1927 to commemorate Charles Lindbergh’s Trans-Atlantic flight, Aviator decks have a bordered back and smooth finish.

This type of marked deck is suitable for all kinds of gambling games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Baccarat. It can be marked with a big font in the middle or four small fonts on each corner of the card.

These decks are commonly used by poker magicians to perform magic tricks or for use in casino games by poker players. Different types of marks are used for different tricks.

A pair of infrared sunglasses can be used to see the luminous marks on the back of the cards. However, most people cannot see these marks. For this reason, some people choose to wear infrared contact lenses instead of sunglasses. These infrared contact lenses can also be used to check the markings on the cards and to verify whether they are correct or not.

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