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Invisible Ink Glasses

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invisible ink glasses are clear sunglasses that have invisible ink. They can be used to read magic playing cards.

A growing number of poker players wear sunglasses at the table, for a variety of reasons. Some poker players believe that their eyes can’t help but reveal their emotions, especially if they have a nice deck of cards. This is easier to detect for other people. Some people use their invisible ink glasses that look like normal sunglasses to see the markings on the back of marked cards.

Marked cards inks are available in both UV invisible ink (for marking cards) and IR luminous (for marking cards). Both are suitable for making marked decks of cards manually. These UV marked cards can be used to mark poker cards.

Marking playing cards with invisible ink is a good idea. Poker cards can be marked at any time. You can also customize your own markings with magic UV ink, and write invisible markings using UV ink by using stabs or UV pen.

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