Infrared Contact Lenses

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Infrared contact lenses with invisible ink are no longer a secret. Some Indians even called them spy contact lenses or poker cheat contact lenses because they can be used in poker games with marked playing cards for tricks. If you are interested in infrared contact lenses for cheating in card games, keep reading.

Marked Cards Contact Lenses
Marked Cards are classified in many different types. These include magic cards, barcode marked cards, and contact lens marked cards. Contact lens marked cards are the most common. Contact lenses allow you to see the invisible markings on the cards (such as the value and suit).

marked card contact lenses have been marketed as infrared lenses, invisible ink glasses or luminous contact lenses. They are based on invisible and visible light, the principle of invisible ink marks.

We have created the third generation of marked cards lenses. This cheating lens is comfortable to wear and won’t alter the color of your eye. It is made of high-quality materials, which offers clear visibility and comfort.

Infrared contact lenses are special contact lenses that function quite differently from regular contact lenses, as they can be used to detect cards marked with invisible ink. What’s more, it will not change the original eye color and the appearance is no different from normal eyes. In order to satisfy all kinds of customer requirements, we have developed lenses for different eye colors, and in case of special requirements, contact lenses can also be customized. Our infrared contact lenses are just like normal contact lenses that do not harm your eyes, so you can buy contact lenses from us without any worries.

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