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Uncovering the Techniques Behind Cheating Card Deck in Poker

There are several different methods to cheat a poker card deck. Another method is collusion with acquaintances. This allows players to communicate information through pre-appointed signals. Anti-cheating specialists find it difficult to detect the signals. A different method of cheating is through false dealing. It’s more efficient when it is combined with devious shuffling. Cheats …

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Marked Cards For Sale

Cards that have been made to be cheating are marked with hidden markings on the sides or back of the cards. These markings allow magicians and players of poker to read the value of a card even when the card is lying face down. Phoenix marked cards feature the back of the card, which helps …

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Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared marked playing cards feature invisible markings on their back. The markings on the back of these cards appear invisible to the naked eye, however they can be seen with special lenses or glasses. You can win in all poker games by using infrared-marked cards. The Copag cards can be used using infrared contact lenses …

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