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Spy Marked Playing Cards - Poker Cheat Marked Playing Cards Manufacturer | SAN

Spy Marked Playing Cards

spy marked playing cards

Spy marked playing cards are a great way to cheat in card games and poker. They’re also useful for magic tricks.

Marked playing cards are designed to look just like normal casino cards, but they’re actually marked with secret invisible ink. This ink is only visible with soft contact lenses, so your opponent won’t be able to see the markings.

Invisible ink

There are several types of invisible inks that can be used to leave a message on paper. Some can be revealed with heat, such as a candle flame or light bulb, while others cannot be revealed by any heat source at all.

Invisible inks can be made with common household substances, such as lemon juice, apple juice, onion juice, wine or vinegar, milk, soapy water, sugar water and even bodily fluids. Some are organic, which means that they change the structure of paper to make it harder to expose.

Secret messages can be written with invisible inks, but the espionage agent must not arouse suspicion that the message is visible. This is why many countries devoted serious time and money to developing a wide variety of invisible inks to ensure that they had the tools to keep up with the enemy.

Soft contact lens

A soft contact lens is a type of contact lens that’s made from flexible plastic that allows oxygen to pass through to the eye. They can correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), blurred vision due to astigmatism, and age-related loss of close-up vision (presbyopia).

Some newer soft lenses use silicone-hydrogels that provide more oxygen to the eye while the lens is worn. Regardless of the material used, contact lenses should be properly cared for to prevent eye infections.

Before a soft contact lens is prescribed, patients should have a thorough exam with their doctor to determine their prescription and appropriate wearing schedule. The eye doctor will help the patient adjust to the lens and educate them on proper hygienic care of their contact lenses.

Analyzer device

In order to use an analyzer device on spy marked playing cards, you need to first draw the marks on the cards with the help of invisible ink. After that, the camera inserted in the device will scan the markings on each card and send you information about your opponent’s cards instantly through wireless earpiece.

This device has a compact size and it is able to scan the bar-codes on the marked playing cards from a distance. It is a reliable poker analyzer that can work with all types of games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards and Flush game.

The analyzer device looks and works just like a normal mobile phone. It is easy to operate, just insert the camera in the place where you are going to play and let the camera scan all of the bar-codes on the marked cards. Then, the mini camera will send you the scanned information via wireless earpiece.

Easy to use

Spy marked playing cards are a must have for anyone who plays card games. They are a great way to improve your chances of winning and if you are lucky enough you can even turn your luck into a profit.

These gizmos can be easily found online and offline at spy stores, dealers and manufacturers. The best part about them is they are super easy to use.

They are designed in a clever way and they look like the normal playing cards. They can also be used by the visually impaired.

They are small and light enough to fit on your palm, making them the ideal size for any handbag or pocket. They are designed for all types of cards including poker, blackjack, teen patti and the latest version is even compatible with maang patta. It is a well-crafted device that is sure to impress your guests and leave them wondering what the secret is.

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