Dice Cheating Bowl with Hidden Camera

What is dice cheating bowl? It is a new cheating device which has been installed into a HD camera lens which can read the dice clearly. That means you can…

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What is dice cheating bowl? It is a new cheating device which has been installed into a HD camera lens which can read the dice clearly. That means you can got result in advance before you have a bet. Therefore, it can help you increase the odds of winning. And you may wonder that how it can work?

The entire dice cheating bowl camera contain a bowl, remote control, display, dice and chargers. The HD camera lens usually installed into the bottom of bowl and hide it in a special way. In order not arise the suspicion from others, we need to cut the bowl and fill it with the same process as firing, painting after the lens was installed. Normally, there will be a mini hole which can insert the thin pin to charge the battery. However, we developed a new charge way that we called Inductive charging. It is similar to the way that the phone can finish charging without the cable, you just need to put the bowl on an inductive plant and face up last about 2 hours.

Cheat Dice Bowl for Casino Dice Games Gambling

There is a remote control to help you turn on or turn off the bowl camera lens at any time, so you can try your best to save the power of bowl. Usually, the display is like a small phone, but it without any function as the normal cell phone. You just can use it to show the picture that camera has crewed by pressing the button.


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