Voice Dice for Magic Show & Casino Game

Recently, our company has launched the newest dice cheating device which is called voice dice. Many dice players fall in love with it as soon as it makes the first…

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Recently, our company has launched the newest dice cheating device which is called voice dice. Many dice players fall in love with it as soon as it makes the first debut because of the powerful functions. Here we will introduce some information about the voice dice or sound dice for magic show & casino game.

To begin with, a mini sensor transmitter and a battery are installed inside the voice dice (talking dice). Besides, you need to use a smartphone to download an APP that specializes in voice dice. And then, each cheating dice has a specific QR code, hence you have to scan each QR code of the voice dice with this APP. Only in this way can the APP know which dice you use and can it report the right result to you by Bluetooth earphone. You can also treat it as a different kind of induction dice. Importantly, one point you need to notice that if you use five dices in the game, it is highly necessary for you to scan the QR code of these five sound dices. Otherwise, you will get the wrong result. As long as you operate voice dice in the right way, it definitely will be your additional edge to help you win the dice game, like Backgammon, no matter how you roll the backgammon dice, you all can get the signal.

Voice Dice Cheating Device Works with a Phone for Casino Cheat

When it comes to voice dice, there are some features that cannot be ignored. First of all, the magic sound dice enjoys perfect security in that it cannot be detected from its perfect appearance. Apart from that, the high accuracy of the dice leaves a depression on the users. Because each dice has its own specific, other people cannot detect it though they use the same phone APP with you. On the other hand, the signal frequency of cheating sound dice cannot be detected as well. And another breakthrough in technology is that the voice dice can inductive charging, and it is no need for you to change its battery or worry its power off.

What a magic casino cheating voice dice!


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