Marked Cards Invisible Ink Infrared Contact Lenses

Marked Cards Invisible Ink Infrared Contact Lenses

Buy the best marked card contacts for magic shows and cheating poker games. They are suitable for all eye colors and are safe to wear. They are also less noticeable than normal sunglasses. There are several types of UV contact lenses. Some of them are designed to be used for specific markings, while others are able to read all kinds of marks. The more expensive ones provide a higher reading experience, but are also more expensive.

These lenses can be very useful in Texas Omaha, Blackjack and low ball card games. They can help you see the numbers and suits of the marked cards when the card are facing down. It is a great way to beat your opponents and win more games.

The marked cards contacts lenses are equipped with special IR filter that can detect invisible ink marks. They are easy to wear and can be used in conjunction with many different card marking pens. They are also suitable to play other games like Omaha Hi-Low Baccarat or Show Hand.

When choosing the right contact lenses for invisible ink marked cards, it is important to consider your current needs and budget. You should choose a pair which fits your eyes and is comfortable. You should also shop around to find the best price, and compare different products, before making a final decision.

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