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Invisible Ink Contact Lenses - Poker Cheat Marked Playing Cards Manufacturer | SAN

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Contact lenses with invisible ink (also known by the name IR contact lens) can be used to read invisible marks on marked cards. They are a very useful poker cheating device for magic tricks and poker games.

Wearing a pair UV or IR-material contact lenses with invisible ink, you can see the luminous markings on the back of a credit card. They are similar to colored contact lenses, but they do not change your eyes’ color and can be worn with any eye type. The luminous marks are more visible when the IR contact lenses are lighter in color.

A pair of invisible ink contact lenses can be used with any brand of invisible ink mark playing cards. It is important to note that you cannot wear these contacts with regular glasses, as they would be seen by other people. If you plan to buy a pair or invisible ink contacts, it’s best to try them at home to get used to their feel and make sure they are right for you.

Many customers are concerned that their transparent UV invisible ink contacts will be noticed when they use them to cheat at the poker game. This is not true. The GS invisible ink lenses are specially treated and cannot be seen by others. They are also very comfortable and have low moisture content. This can reduce the acclimatization time and prevent itching.

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