Invisible Ink Marked Cards For Sale

Invisible Ink Marked Cards For Sale

Magicians and poker players use marked playing cards to easily identify the value and suit each card. Marked cards are readable by a variety of methods, such as luminous contact lenses, poker scanners, or even learning marking system. Many people are curious to know how marked cards work but may not be aware of the differences between the different types.

The most popular way to mark playing cards involves using an invisible marker pen. Marks can be written on the back of a card. These markings do not appear as clearly as those on the face of the card, but can still be seen if you wear luminous ink glasses or contacts. This type is easy to make and can be used in any game.

A barcode marker is another way to mark playing card edges. It can be placed on all four corners of the cards. These markers are printed with a bar code, which is readable by poker analyzers and scanner cameras. These markers are effective and can be used on any brand of cards.

The last way to mark playing cards is to use luminous ink on all sides of the card. This type of marking is not as clear as the other two, but it can be seen by poker scanner cameras and luminous contact lenses or glasses. This type of marking is very useful in magic shows, as it allows the magician to see the card counts and suits with a quick glance.

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