Contact Lenses For Cheating Playing Cards

There are many tools and devices available to help you cheat at playing cards. Some are simple to use and very effective, while others take a little more skill. One of the most popular methods involves using a contact lens that can see the luminous markings at the back of cards. These lenses cannot be seen by the naked eye, and are therefore not detectable by other players. These lenses are safe and won’t alter the color of your eye.

The newest technology for these special contacts is Sandwich Technology, which is used to make the lens safer and more reliable. The filter is inserted into the middle of the three layers. It is designed to prevent the infrared luminous ink from being contacted by your eyes directly. This allows you see the marked card easily and protects against a contact lens infection.

Invisible ink contact lenses for cheating playing cards are widely used by poker players all over the world. These lenses have a dark purple filter in the middle, making them difficult to detect by other players. These lenses are great for card players who want to win without having to resort illegal equipment.

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