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Using a Marked Cards Deck

Card magicians can use a marked deck of cards to be able to identify any face-down card simply by looking at the back. While some may think that this method is cheating it can be used as an enhancement to a trick, adding a new level of amazement. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to use a marked card in your act.

It’s important to use the deck judiciously and be selective when it comes to which tricks you combine it with. It is also important to select a deck that has large, easily-read marks, rather than small or cryptic ones, which will be difficult for the spectators to notice. It’s then a matter picking the right moments for catching glimpses of the markings and avoiding any obvious actions that could reveal your secret.

There are many different types of marked decks on the market, and the best ones will have a system that’s easy for you to read but difficult for your spectators to see. The deck will also look natural, so that your spectators won’t suspect anything. It takes some time to master these systems, but they are very powerful when it comes to card magic.

Some magicians make their own marked decks, but this can be a labor-intensive process. Others prefer to buy a deck with a factory-printed mark reading system. These decks can be purchased from a wide range of magic suppliers. Some of the best are made by renowned brands such as Ellusionist and Phoenix. These decks come with a comprehensive instruction card, and some even include video tutorials that teach you how to perform some of the most amazing routines possible.

Marked decks are a great way for beginners to improve their repertoire. It can help you to perform tricks that you wouldn’t be able to do with a regular deck, such as Ted Lesley’s “The Spectator as Mindreader.” It’s important to select the correct deck for your purposes, and some of the more advanced factory-printed marked decks on the market today have great companion booklets or tutorial videos that teach you brilliant tricks that will really wow your audience.

It’s also important to note that if you are going to be using a marked deck, it’s essential that your cards and sleeves are sleeved properly. While some scuffs and scratches on the cards are perfectly normal, any marks that are too prominent or obtrusive can be considered as marked, so it’s a good idea to re-sleeve your cards before performing if you want them to look their best. This will ensure that your audience won’t notice any wear marks on the sleeves of your cards that could reveal your secret. This is particularly important for tournaments, where the rules stipulate that sleeves and cards must both be completely free of marks in order to qualify as unmarked.

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