The Playing Cards Scanner

The playing cards scanner is a useful device that enables blind and visually impaired people to play card games, like rummy, poker, blackjack, etc. It improves social interaction.

The playing cards scanner includes a lens that scrutinizes the cards kept on the table from top to bottom and then reports the scanned information. This information includes the number, color and suit of the card that is printed on the front.

Infrared poker

Infrared poker is a type of card that is marked with invisible ink on the back. These cards are used to cheat players at casinos and in other games. According to The Daily Telegraph, a French court recently jailed an individual who won more than $120,000 using this method.

These poker cheating devices can help you to win money at the table. They are easy-to-use and work with any game.

The best poker scanner camera is important for the accuracy of the whole system, so make sure you get the right one. If you have a good camera, the response time of the whole system will be shorter and the accuracy will increase.

Infrared poker cameras can be installed in lamps, ceilings, and wall clocks. You can even conceal the poker scanning lens inside your wallet. This makes them more secure than other poker scanners.

Marked cards

Marked Cards are one of most sophisticated cheating methods that magicians and poker players use. These cards are designed to look like clean original playing card, but they have invisible markings.

These special cards are usually used in casino games and private home games. Amazing magic cards are widely used as part of magic shows.

There are many ways to make these marked cards. There are traditional methods like scrollwork and cut-out work, as well as relatively advanced technologies such a luminous and juice marked technologies.

Some techniques work better than others, depending upon the level of skill and knowledge of a particular player. The most popular method is block-out, which involves changing the back design to make it easier to spot specific patterns.

Other methods include luminous markings, which are only seen through specially designed sunglasses or lenses. Video-luminous markings is a more advanced technique that can only be detected with custom-designed gadgets. The recorded images are played back later to detect unusual play.

The Novak card reader

The Novak card-reader is a device which allows blind people to play. It uses a scanner with embedded speakers to identify the face card or number value and suit of a card. The scanner is lightweight, compact and easy to use. It comes with headphones so that the user can hear the information on the cards through the speaker system. This invention was created by a man in Justice, Illinois. He submitted his invention proposal to InventHelp, a firm that helps budding innovators formulate their ideas, and then patent them.

The Novak card reader could open doors to blind people in areas that are normally unavailable to them, such as casinos. The Novak card reader will allow players to bring braille cards to gambling establishments without having to worry about cheating. The device is still waiting for patent approval but is available to be licensed or sold to manufacturers and marketing firms.


InventHelp is a giant in the world invention promotion. The company, founded in 1984, offers a variety of services from identifying ideas that are patentable to licensing and manufacturing them. The company has received a variety of awards including one for its late night television advertisements. Two would-be inventors from Putnam Valley & Yonkers have filed a lawsuit against the company, along with its ilk, at Westchester Supreme Court. They claim it has bilked many others into paying money for invention promotion services which were not provided.

The aforementioned Novak card reader was a high-tech gadget, albeit a bit of a buzz-kill to the wallet. The device was a marvel of technology, able recognise the value and suit of playing cards, and relay them to the user using built-in speakers.

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