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The Evolution of Marked Cards and Poker Analyzers - Poker Cheat Marked Playing Cards Manufacturer | SAN

The Evolution of Marked Cards and Poker Analyzers

The Evolution of Marked Cards and Poker Analyzers

The game has captured our national imagination. But why?

The answer is that poker has become a game of sleight-of-hand, of bluffing and deception. These elements make the game so compelling.

In the beginning, poker was a simple parlor game in which 20 cards were distributed to four players, and a player’s victory depended on who had the best pair of matching cards or three or more of the same kind. Over time, the game grew in popularity, and it was natural that it would attract eggheads like mathematician John von Neumann, who developed his 1928 article on the Theory of Parlor Games — a landmark development in gaming theory that has had profound implications for economic analysis.

A deck of marked cards today looks like any other card, but poker analyzers can identify them by the hidden marking system. A poker analyzer can scan a deck of cards and instantly send a signal to the user via Bluetooth earbud, telling who is winning a hand seat in order from best to worse. There are various kinds of marked cards available – invisible ink contacts, side barcode marked cards, and infrared marked cards.

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