Infrared Contact Lenses Price

We are committed to developing and researching different types of infrared contacts lenses for people all over the globe. These infrared contacts for marked cards are very safe and effective, and they will not change your eye color at all. These infrared contact lenses for marked cards are comfortable to wear, and they do not hurt your eye. They can be used when playing poker, and you will see the invisible cards marked with ink clearly without any help.

You may have seen some man-made articles or videos online about the so-called X-ray contact lenses, but they are not true at this moment. There is still technology limit for the X-ray contact lenses now. Infrared lenses that work with invisible markings on playing cards, such as invisible ink, are now very practical for cheating. These infrared contact lenses look very similar to the normal contact lens and can be used for all colors of eyes. These lenses are popular with poker players and people who don’t want to change the color of their eyes.

The infrared contacts are made of graphene. It is a thin layer of carbon that is considered to be one atom thick. Graphene can sense all of the visible and infrared spectrum, making it an attractive material for a contact lens. Scientists from the University of Michigan have developed a way to make graphene function as an infrared detector for a lens.

Other research has demonstrated battery [35], supercapacitor [36] or sensor-equipped smart contact lenses, but these prototypes were all powered by an external signal generator connected with wires to the lens. The new proof-of-concept prototype is powered by an internal battery for wireless operation.

Using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR spectroscopy, Nicolet iN10, Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA) in attenuated total reflection mode, the chemical structure of the lens was determined. The sample was found primarily to be composed of hydrogen and oxygen, with small amounts of nitrogen and sulfur.

It is important to know that the sensitivity level of infrared lenses depends on their material and the technology used to manufacture them. For example, the higher the oxygen permeability of the infrared contact lens, the more sensitive it will be to light. When choosing an infrared contact lens, be sure to check that the material is safe and complies with all relevant regulations. The best infrared contact lenses have a high level of oxygen permeability to ensure the comfort of wearing. You should also check the label to find out how long you can safely wear an infrared contact lens. The maximum recommended wearing time for most contact lenses is two hours per day. After this time you should clean your contact lenses using a contact lens solution and store them with purified water.

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