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Marked Cards

marked cards is in the magic field, and also in poker games

Infrared Contact Lenses

lenses, marks on playing cards will light up in your eyes

Poker Analyzer

poker analyzer can give out the poker result quickly and correctly

Marked Cards

Cheating Playing Cards

Some poker players use cheat playing cards to increase their odds of winning. The cards are marked using invisible ink, according to his “spectral effect”, so you need special tools to read them. You can’t distinguish between poker cheat cards and regular playing cards based on their appearance.

Due to their differing working principles, cheating playing cards can be classified into two categories: cards marked with contact lens and cards marked barcodes. What kind of device do I need to use in order to read these poker cheat cards? Infrared lenses and scanning devices are usually available to meet your needs. How can they do tricks together? Please read this article thoroughly!

Learn about poker cheating devices and marked cards. We offer a wide variety of cheating cards.

Buy Poker Cheat Cards

How can we choose the perfect poker cheat cards device when we are focusing on a magic performance or poker game?

You can easily read the invisible ink marks on the back of the cheating poker marked cards with a simple pair of infrared lenses or sunglasses. Invisible ink marks are unreadable with the naked eye on Modiano cheating cards and Copag marked playing cards.
It is important to select the right glasses for you to be able to see Bicycle poker cards. Our high-tech lenses won’t harm your eyes, nor will they change the color of your eyes.

Poker Cheating Devices with a Phenomenal Design

You may be looking for a device that is more efficient based on the different principles of poker marked cards. What about the high-tech analyzer system for poker? The system can help you to alter the odds of the popular games like Texas Holdem and Baccarat. Here you can find the AKK, CVK and PK King poker analysers to master your destiny.

Moreover, different types of marked cheating cards cameras can be used with the poker analyzer in various situations. You can select the one you need

Poker Cheat Marked Playing Cards Blogs

Maximizing Your Success With Marked Poker Playing Cards

The marking of poker cards has an extended history. In the beginning when cards were marked, they were done by bending them, or by adding obvious marks to the back. The techniques of today are much more sophisticated. The marks may be invisible to the human eye, but they are

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Discover How Glasses Can Reveal Invisible Ink in Poker

Invisible ink glasses are the latest type of devices to cheat on poker cards. They resemble fashionable sunglasses but they feature concealed infrared filters that permits you to see luminous juice markings that are visible on the backside of your cards. These can be worn anywhere they aren’t noticeable to

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Uncovering the Techniques Behind Cheating Card Deck in Poker

There are several different methods to cheat a poker card deck. Another method is collusion with acquaintances. This allows players to communicate information through pre-appointed signals. Anti-cheating specialists find it difficult to detect the signals. A different method of cheating is through false dealing. It’s more efficient when it is

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Remote Control Dice Cheating Tips for Dominance

In dice game, the players may play around with the results of a roll in several ways. Some strategies work, but do not draw the attention of players. Others, however, may draw suspicion. A different method involves an oversized rolling tray. They are typically as big as an upside-down Monopoly

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See Through Playing Card Glasses Elevate Your Game

The See Through playing Card glasses are an excellent option to boost your poker game. These glasses resemble normal sunglasses, are safe to use and are designed for reading cards containing invisible liquid in a matter of minutes. The lenses are produced by using the most modern laser dyeing and

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Incorporating a Poker Analyzer Device Into Your Game

Integrating a poker analyzer into your game can give you an edge over your competitors. The poker analyzer will predict the winner of a betting game and report the outcome to you via an earpiece. The poker analyzer utilizes barcoded cards to reveal crucial information. This information is then transferred

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