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Marked Cards

marked cards is in the magic field, and also in poker games

Infrared Contact Lenses

lenses, marks on playing cards will light up in your eyes

Poker Analyzer

poker analyzer can give out the poker result quickly and correctly

Marked Cards

Cheating Playing Cards

Some poker players use cheat playing cards to increase their odds of winning. The cards are marked using invisible ink, according to his “spectral effect”, so you need special tools to read them. You can’t distinguish between poker cheat cards and regular playing cards based on their appearance.

Due to their differing working principles, cheating playing cards can be classified into two categories: cards marked with contact lens and cards marked barcodes. What kind of device do I need to use in order to read these poker cheat cards? Infrared lenses and scanning devices are usually available to meet your needs. How can they do tricks together? Please read this article thoroughly!

Learn about poker cheating devices and marked cards. We offer a wide variety of cheating cards.

Buy Poker Cheat Cards

How can we choose the perfect poker cheat cards device when we are focusing on a magic performance or poker game?

You can easily read the invisible ink marks on the back of the cheating poker marked cards with a simple pair of infrared lenses or sunglasses. Invisible ink marks are unreadable with the naked eye on Modiano cheating cards and Copag marked playing cards.
It is important to select the right glasses for you to be able to see Bicycle poker cards. Our high-tech lenses won’t harm your eyes, nor will they change the color of your eyes.

Poker Cheating Devices with a Phenomenal Design

You may be looking for a device that is more efficient based on the different principles of poker marked cards. What about the high-tech analyzer system for poker? The system can help you to alter the odds of the popular games like Texas Holdem and Baccarat. Here you can find the AKK, CVK and PK King poker analysers to master your destiny.

Moreover, different types of marked cheating cards cameras can be used with the poker analyzer in various situations. You can select the one you need

Poker Cheat Marked Playing Cards Blogs

The Art of Deception – Unraveling the Secrets of Marked Cards

At first glance these cards seem like ordinary playing cards. However, look carefully and you will find that every card is marked in a specific way. Sun Tzu advised that “when you can attack to the point of being unable, disguise yourself as weak while weak, make yourself stronger.” Since

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The Power of the Poker Analyzer Revealed

Like many other games of luck, poker is highly dynamic and based on a shifting power dynamics. Mastering the ability to accurately analyze your opponents’ actions is vital to win. Professional players of poker use many different techniques to win the game. This involves analyzing tells, writing dossiers of their

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Understanding and Utilizing Poker Analyzer Effectively

Poker is becoming more and more popular and players are looking to gain an an advantage over their competitors. They are looking to technology to help them. The poker analyzer is just an example of a tool. The devices are designed to permit users to observe the opponents’ hands live,

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A Player’s Guide to Leveraging a Poker Analyzer Effectively

If you’re a poker player, it’s important to review your poker hand’s history. Then, you can pinpoint your points of growth. Also, it can assist you to make the right decisions at the dinner table. Imagine you are on the set of 007 and a computerized poker analyzer is concealed

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Poker Analyzer Techniques For Success

Poker is a game of skill, strategy and a bit of luck. Advancements in technology have given poker players an edge. Among the many advancements is that the poker analyzer is an invaluable tool for those who want to increase their playing. The analyzer uses invisible barcodes placed on the

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How a Poker Analyzer Unlocks Winning Moves in Every Hand

It’s essential to evaluate your hand analysis and strategy and see how you can increase your performance. Hand analysis must be consistent and fair. Your hand analysis should be focused on the critical elements in your game, which can bring about a positive change. The poker analyzer is a handheld

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