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What is Poker Cheating? - Poker Cheat Marked Playing Cards Manufacturer | SAN

What is Poker Cheating?

Poker Cheating is any behavior outside the rules of poker that gives an unfair advantage to a player. It can involve collusion, sleight of hand, the use of physical objects, and more. Cheats may operate alone, in teams, or even as a small group. They may also use a number of different methods to communicate with one another, including signaling information with chips.

In general, poker cheats use different tricks to communicate with each other in order not to attract too much attention from other players. These tricks often involve touching an object on a person’s body, such as their ears, eyes, nose, neck or any other part of the body that is easily hidden and does not cause a lot of stress. Experienced poker cheaters will practice these tricks in advance so that they are able to send their signals without anyone suspecting anything out of the ordinary.

Other poker cheating techniques involve tampering with the cards and deck. For example, the cheater may mark the deck by putting a fingernail ink on the back of the card or by changing the order of the cards during shuffling. Similarly, they might “stack” the deck, which means arranging the cards in a way that benefits them in future dealings.

The most serious poker cheating allegations are made against players who collude with each other to improve their results. This is possible in live games and online. In many cases the poker room will catch on to this and ban the players involved.

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